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Part No. Description
BT-2590F BB-2590/U,6.0Ah, Li-Ion View Datasheet

BT-70057 BB-705/U, 0.6Ah, NiCd

BT-70192-1 5K69, 0.6Ah, Zn-MnO2 View Datasheet

BT-70242-3 12.0Ah, LiSOCI2

BT-70306-1 BA-200/U, 17.0Ah, ZnMnO2

BT-70394 BB-503A/U, 4.5Ah, NiCd

BT-70395 BB-516A/U, 0.22Ah, NiCd

BT-70406 BB-586/U, 4.4Ah, NiCd

BT-70464 Dismount Battery Box

BT-70477 AA-80B, 3.8Ah, Ni-MH

BT-70478A  BA-5347/U, 10.0Ah, LiMnO2 

BT-70480 ALI-143, 14.4Ah, Li-Ion

BT-70493 ALI-243S, 14.4Ah, Li-Ion 

BT-70493-S ALI-243, 14.4Ah, Li-Ion

BT-70514  BA-4386/U, 6.9Ah, Mg-MnO2

BT-70581B BB-2001A/U, 4.8Wh, Li-Ion

BT-70651BE BA-682B, 8.4Ah, Li-Ion

BT-70676BE  AN/PRQ-7 CSEL Radio, 2.8, Li-Ion

BT-70676BG  AN/PRQ-7 CSEL Radio, 3.2, Li-Ion

BT-70694 BB-386/U, 5.4Ah, 12V, NiMH

BT-70706 BB-2598/U, 6.6AH, Li-Ion

BT-70707 BB-2599/U, 6.8Ah, Li-Ion

BT-70720 BA-5301A/U, 2.8Ah, LiMnO2

BT-70724 AA-80R, 5.6Ah, LiMnO2

BT-70743 BB-2600A/U, 4.6Ah, Li-Ion

BT-70744AF ALI-147, 8.4Ah, Li-Ion

BT-70747 BB-2847A/U, 6.2Ah, Li-Ion

BT-70757 BB-2557/U, 2.2Ah, Li-Ion 

BT-70757A BB-2557/U, 2.8Ah, Li-Ion

BT-70785 RF-7800-V Radio Battery, 4.4Ah, Li-Ion

BT-70787 BB-326/U, 0.3Ah, Ni-MH

BT-70788 BB-388A/U, 1.8Ah, Ni-MH

BT-70791E BB-2590/U, 8.7Ah, Li-ion

BT-70838 Full Size SMP, 7.0Ah, Li-Ion

BT-70838A Full Size, SMP, 8.6AH, Li-Ion

BT-70838BK Full Size SMP, 7.5Ah, Li-Ion 

BT-70838-2/3 2/3 Size SMP, 4.6Ah, Li-Ion

BT-70838-2/3A 2/3 Size SMP, 5.6Ah, Li-Ion

BT-70838-2/3BK 2/3 Size SMP, 5.0Ah, Li-Ion

BT-70868BE LI-145, 11.2Ah, Li-Ion

BT-70868BK LI-145, 9.7Ah, Li-Ion

BT-70876 BB-2590/U, Half Size, 2.7Ah, Li-Ion

BT-70877CG BB-2013, 16.0Ah, Li-Ion

BT-70883 BB-386/U, 5.4Ah, 13.2V, NiMH

BT-70915AE CE90, 8.4Ah, Li-Ion



Part No. Description
BTC-70480S Single Station Solar Charger for ALI Batteries

BTC-70480S-1 ALI Solar Charger with AC Adapter

BTC-70747S BB-2847A/U Solar Charger

BTC-70747S-1 Dual-Station Charger for BB-2847A/U Batteries

BTC-70772-T1 AC Booster, CE Certified

BTC-70777 Combo Charger

BTC-70823 REPPS AC/DC Power System

BTC-70824 REPPS AC/DC/Solar Power System

BTC-70838-10 Bulk Charger for SMP Batteries

BTC-70838-2/3 Bulk Charger for 2/3 Size SMP Batteries

BTC-70844-1 ALT 170B

BTC-UN108 PP-8444A/U Universal Battery Charger

BTC-UN110 Universal Battery Charger, PP-8444A/U

BTE-70891 Two Pack Discharger



Part No. Description
350191 BB-2847A/U Connector

350477 SMP Battery Connector

450437 Waterproof Camouflage Bag

590233-7 AC Power Cable w/ UK Plug 

590233-LITE-STR AC Power Cable with Euro Plug

591955-1 AC/DC Converter with Trailer Hitch

BTA-70406 SPC Adapter for BB-586/U Batteries

BTA-70406-3 SPC Adapter for BB-386/U Batteries

BTA-70413 24Vdc NATO Slave Connector

BTA-70443 SPC Adapter for BB-2600A/U Batteries

BTA-70492S Solar Adapter for Sophie Batteries

BTA-70541-12H 12-24Vdc Converter

BTA-70541-G 24Vdc Power Cable with Gabriel Plug

BTA-70541-24 24Vdc Power Cord

BTA-70589 SPC Adapter for PR4G Batteries

BTA-70678 VMC Adapter for Eagle Radio Batteries

BTA-70680 SPC Adapter for SPR Batteries

BTA-70680-1 VMC Adapter for SPR Batteries

BTA-70695 Voltage Limiter, 32V, 250W

BTA-70695-1 Dual 6-PACK Cable for Voltage Limiter

BTA-70695H Voltage Limiter, 32V, 30A

BTA-70695H-295 Voltage Limiter, 29.5V, 250W

BTA-70706-1 SPC Adapter for BB-2598/U Batteries

BTA-70716S-1 Trailer Hitch Cable

BTA-70743-1 BB-2600 Solar Adapter

BTA-70747S Solar Adapter for BB-2847A/U Batteries

BTA-70763 SPC Adapter for BAMS Batteries

BTA-70781 Pass Thru Cable for BB-2590/U or BB-2557/U Batteries

BTA-70781-1 Pass Thru Cable for JIM LR

BTA-70791A-1 24Vdc 6-PACK Output Cable

BTA-70791A-3 24Vdc 6-PACK Output Cable

BTA-70791A-4 24Vdc 6-PACK Output Cable

BTA-70791A-5 12/24Vdc 6-PACK Output Cable with Ring Lugs

BTA-70791A-6 12Vdc 6-PACK Output Cable with Dual X90 Terminals

BTA-70791A-7 12Vdc 6-PACK Output Cable with X90 Terminal

BTA-70791A-8 12/24Vdc 6-PACK Output Cable with BB-2590 Connector

BTA-70791A-9 24Vdc 6-PACK Output Cable with PR4G Terminal

BTA-70807S BB-2800/U Solar Adapter

BTA-70814 PP-8444A/U Hummer Cable Splitter

BTA-70816 SPC Hummer Cable Splitter

BTA-70816B Hummer Splitter Bayonet Cable

BTA-70827 VMC Adapter for CSEL Batteries

BTA-70829-1 Cigarette Lighter Adapter

BTA-70829-3 90uM Mobile Interface for Fuel Cell

BTA-70829-5 ISO Trailer Hitch Cable

BTA-70830 VMC Adapter MBITR Battery

BTA-70834-1 Cable Adapter for BB-2590/U Batteries

BTA-70835-1 24Vdc SPC Hummer Cable

BTA-70835B 24Vdc 6-PACK Hummer Cable

BTA-70838-1 Solar Charge Adapter for BT-70838 Batteries, use with REPPS

BTA-70838-2/3A VMC Adapter for SMP Batteries

BTA-70838-AC/UK AC Input Cable, UK Plug

BTA-70838-DC 24Vdc Input Cable with Ring Lugs

BTA-70841 VMC Universal Adapter

BTA-70843 VMC Adapter for BB-557/U, BB-2557/U or BB-2600/U

BTA-70844-C 24Vdc Connector

BTA-70851 SPC Adapter Racal TRA-931 Batteries

BTA-70852 SPC Adapter for PRT 349 Batteries

BTA-70853 SPC Adapter for LORAL RT1606 MANPACK Batteries

BTA-70862 VMC Adapter for AN/PRC-153 (Motorola HT1250) Batteries

BTA-70863-24AL 24Vdc 6-PACK Power Cable with Alligator Clips

BTA-70863-EX DC Input Power Extension

BTA-70864-6 AC Input Power Cable Assy with UK Plug

BTA-70864-C 6-PACK AC Input Connector

BTA-70868 SPC Adapter for LI-145 or LI-80 Batteries

BTA-70868-1 VMC Adapter for LI-145 or LI-80 Batteries

BTA-70868S Solar Charge Adapter for LI-80 and LI-145

BTA-70873 VMC Adater for AA Batteries

BTA-70874 SPC Adapter for Rifleman Radio (AN/PRC-154) Batteries

BTA-70874-1 VMC Adapter for Rifleman Batteries

BTA-70893-1 Power Conditioner Output Cable

BTA-70899 SPC Adapter with SMBUS for BB-2590/U or BB-390B/U

BTA-70909-7 SPC Adapter for NETT+ Batteries

BTA-70909-8 NETT+ Power Mating Cable

BTA-70909S Solar Adapter for NETT+ Batteries

BTA-70910 SPC Adapter for Conformal Wearable Batteries (CWB)

BTA-70912-1 SPC Adapter for MR-2791 Batteries

BTA-70912S Solar Adapter for MR-2791 Batteries

BTE-70838-2/3 AA Battery Holder SMP

BTF-70589 ALI-142/ALI-143 Discharge Device

BTF-70791H-1 X90 Discharge Device

BTF-70815 SDD1 Battery Discharge Device

BTK-350382 BB-586/U and BB-386/U Connector Kit

BTP-390651 8ft Extension Cable with Trailer Hitch

BTP-450771 Solar Shade 

BTP-591791-2 AC/DC Adapter

BTP-70822-3G Solar Panel, 62W

BTP-70829 Reformed Methanol Fuel Cell, XX55

BTP-70888-T1 DC/AC Inverter 120Vac

BTP-70888-T2 DC/AC Inverter 220Vac

BTP-70888-T3 24Vdc to 120Vac Inverter

BTP-70888-T4 24Vdc to 230Vac Inverter

BTP-70889 Wind Turbine

BTP-70889M Mast Assembly

BTP-70891 250W Rigid Solar Panel

BTP-70905 50W Reformed Methanol Fuel Cell

BTP-70908-1 5g Methanol Fuel Tank, XRT-1000

BTP-70908-2 1g Methanol Fuel Tank, XRT-200

BTP-70908-3 1.2L Methanol Fuel Tank, XRT-75

BTP-70908-5 550cc Methanol Fuel Tank

BTP-70908-6 2g Methanol Fuel Tank

BTP-70922 CLIC-IT Cartridge Re-filler

BTP-70986-1G 60W, Woodland Camo,15V Solar Panel

BTP-70986-1T 60W, Tan, 15V Solar Panel

BTP-70986-2G 60W, Woodland Camo, 21V Solar Panel

BTP-70986-2T 60W, Tan, 21V Solar Panel

BTS-70090-1 Female Cabled Connector

BTX-70716 AN/PRC-148/152 Battery Eliminator

BTX-70716S Pass Thru Solar charger from Falcon to MBITR Batteries



Part No. Replaced With
BTK-70663-1 BB-2590/U Solar Charging Kit

BTK-70663-2 Enhanced Operational Power System (EOPS) Solar Kit

BTK-70689 Soldier Portable System (SPS)

BTK-70690S Solar Power Station

BTK-70690W Wind Expansion Kit

BTK-70822-14 NimH AA Cell solar Charging Kit

BTK-70824-12 SMP Solar Charging Kit