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Bren-Tronics Part No. and Description

Single-Station Chargers

BTC-70903-LR - BB-2590/390 Low rate Charger (English)

BTC-70903-MR1 - BB-2590/390/2557 Med Rate Charger (English)

BTK-70822-MR-x - BB-2590/390/2557 Med Rate Charger w/ Cigarette Lighter Adapter (English)

Soldier Portable Chargers (SPC)

BTC-70801 - SPC Charger, NSN: 6130-01-495-2839 (English)

BTC-70819 - SPC Lite Charger, NSN: 6130-01-555-7817 (English) / (French)

BTC-70819-1 - SPC Lite Charger, EU, NSN: 6130-14-556-2116 (English) / (French) / (Spanish) 

BTC-70844 - SPC Charger, CE, NSN:6130-14-533-1900 (English) / (Spanish)

BTC-70844-1 - SPC Charger, ALT 170B, NSN: 6130-14-533-1900 only for the BTC-70844, not the kit (English)

BTC-70844-2 - SPC Charger, ALT 170C, NSN:6130-14-533-1900 only for the BTC-70844, not the kit (English)

Vehicle Mounted Chargers (VMC)

BTC-70836 - VMC Charger, NSN: 6130-01-527-2726 (English)

BTC-70870 - VMC Lite Charger, NSN: 6130-01-606-5296 (English)

Portable Power System

BTE-70791A-T1B - 6-PACK, NSN: 6130-01-588-5188 (English)