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BT-Direct provides premium quick turn-around service for your expedited needs (available for USA and Canada). For all other needs contact your Bren-Tronics Sales Representative.

Shiptimes are expected to be 7-10 days after receipt of order.  

 If you would like to place orders direct, please contact

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  1. BT-70716BV MBITR PRC-148, 7.0 Ah
  2. Featured Product BTP-70810-USB3 PRC-148, PRC-152 USB Charger w/SOC
  3. BT-70791CK BB-2590/U, 7.5 Ah
  4. BTP-70791-AC1 XX90 115V AC Cap w/USB Charger
  5. BTA-70812 SPC Adapter, Dual BB-2557/U or BB-557/U
  6. BT-70716BG MBITR PRC-148, 6.8 Ah
  7. BTR-70810-SOCH PRC-148, PRC-152 SOH and SOC Reader
  8. BTA-70903 SPC Adapter, xx90 (Full Charge)
  9. BT-70747BG BB-2847A/U, 9.3 Ah
  10. BTC-70716-1 Dual Desktop AN/PRC-148
  11. BT-70757BK BB-2557A/U, 5.0 Ah
  12. BTC-70801 SPC Charger
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