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  1. BTA-70768 Cable, xx90 to Trailer Hitch
  2. BTA-70769 Cable, xx90 to Cigarette Lighter
  3. BTA-70774 SPC Adapter, PRC-153
  4. BTA-70782 Solar Adapter for BB-2590
  5. BTA-70797 Cable, Y-Junction Trailer Hitch
  6. BTA-70810 SPC Adapter, Dual PRC-148
  7. BTA-70812 SPC Adapter, Dual BB-2557/U or BB-557/U
  8. BTA-70834 SPC Adapter, Dual BB-2590
  9. BTC-70581-1 Dual Desktop CSEL
  10. BTC-70715-1 Dual Desktop AN/PRC-152
  11. BTC-70716-1 Dual Desktop AN/PRC-148
  12. BTC-70747-LR Dual Low Rate BB-2847
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