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Innovative Battery Solutions

Since our beginnings, Bren-Tronics has been a leader in advanced and innovative battery and power solutions for the global marketplace. One of the industries that our batteries have served in is military robotics. 

The batteries we’ve developed are often used in robots for military use. These important machines often do tasks that are too dangerous for people, such as clearing hazardous material or detecting mines. At Bren-Tronics, we’ve built rechargeable batteries that power both the robot and the controller being used by the operator. Our batteries are field-tested and durable, even in harsh conditions, and are built to DOD standards.


Some of our products that have been used in robotics include:

  • BB-2590/U: This line of lithium rechargeable batteries are typically used in communications gear, robots, and jammers, and are made to sustain different amp hours. We have versions for maximum runtime, as well as both extreme heat and cold temperatures
  • The Brenergy™ 6T Battery Series: This battery is the lithium ion standard for military vehicles, which makes it perfect for demanding power applications like robotics and unmanned vehicles. They have both the power and energy that larger robotics require, and are field tested in the harshest environments.


We’ve also developed batteries for handheld devices to control the robots:

  • BB-2557/U: This rechargeable lithium-ion battery is certified by the DOD for Military Use and is compatible with a range of applications, including powering remote controls for unmanned vehicles.
  • MBITR: We developed this line of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries specifically to meet the durability specifications of the military. Like our other batteries, the MBITR series is compatible with several Defense applications, including powering handheld devices for unmanned vehicles. 

Our batteries also have robotics applications outside of the military, and are often flexible in how they can be powered. We also develop several other accessories, such as chargers, cables, and adapters, so that our batteries can be easily integrated into your equipment. 

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