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Radio Batteries

In the 1980s, Bren-Tronics began developing reliable and rechargeable batteries for radios, and we continue to set the standard for this market today. Our company manufactures quality, high-performance radio batteries that have a range of applications for both consumer, industrial, and military use. 

Our goal is always to manufacture batteries that are reliable, even in harsh environments. Many of our radio batteries are developed to provide power in a wide range of temperatures, and some can even be immersed in water for short periods of time without losing functionality or reliability. To learn more about the different batteries that we’ve developed, you can look at the list below, or check out our Product Guide for a full list of our products. 


Radio Batteries by Bren-Tronics

BB-2590/U: This lithium ion battery is used often in radios, robots, sensors, and more. With over 100 applications this battery is an industry leading product in performance and production. This widely adopted and versatile battery has been the military standard for small systems for years.

AN/PRC-148: This battery provides improved radio power at a wide range of operating temperatures from –30°C to +60°C. It’s also lightweight, and works with a range of charging solutions as well, including solar power.

NETT+ Battery: This is a series of lightweight and slim form-factor 14.4V batteries. These batteries have a range of operating temperatures, and are perfect for several different applications including light-weight robotics, training and simulation vests, and radio communications

CSEL Battery: This battery is designed for the highest level of reliability in CSEL radios (combat survivor evader locator). Enhanced for cold temperature performance, it can be immersed up to 10 meters for 5 minutes (tested), and 1 meter for 12 hours (tested). We also have a number of adaptors and chargers designed for this battery.