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Remote Sensors

Since our company’s beginning, Bren-Tronics has been developing various types of batteries that meet the strict requirements of the Defense industry. No matter what their applications, you can trust that our batteries and related accessories are field-tested, and reliable for your products. 


Bren-Tronics is one of the leading manufacturers of lithium ion, NiMH, and NiCd batteries. Our products can be found powering many of the military’s remote sensors, surveillance equipment, and other electronic devices. Our lithium ion batteries are rechargeable and reliable, so you won’t have to worry about failure in critical situations.  


Some of our remote sensor power solutions include:

  • BB-2590/U: A rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with a ruggedized case and designed, manufactured, and qualified to MIL-PRF-32052/1 in the US. While commonly used in surveillance and sensors, this battery is also great for robotics and many types of radios
  • BB-2557/U: The latest configuration of this Lithium-ion battery is 6.8 Ah, built to be tougher and run longer than other batteries on the market. This battery is certified by the DOD for Military Use and is commonly found in unmanned robots, small aircraft, and other remote sensors.
  • 6-Pack APU: This portable system is lithium-ion powered and can act as a UPS, Power Supply, or a standalone unit. It can hold one to six BB-2590/U batteries in its water-tight container.
  • BA-5374/U: This small, non-rechargeable lithium manganese dioxide battery is typically used in various types of distress lights, SDU-5/E, ACR-4F, and ACR-4G.
  • BB-390B/U: This rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery is designed, manufactured, and qualified to MIL-PRF-32052/1 in the US and can be found powering robots, surveillance systems and sensors, and various types of radios
  • CES: The CES battery series have a range of amp hours for portable optical devices and optronics. These rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are enhanced for cold temperature performance and have a range of applications in GPS receivers, UGVs, hand-held remote controls for UGVs, and more.
  • Sophie batteries: These rechargeable lithium ion batteries are typically used in the Sophie thermal imager and Mirabel Thermal camera. These rechargeable batteries are maintenance free, high capacity, and give extended autonomy to mobile systems as well. 

We also have developed and manufactured a number of power systems, charging kits, and other accessories to serve your needs. For a full list of our products, check out our Product Guide or Contact Us for more information.