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BT-Direct provides premium quick turn-around service for your expedited needs (available for USA and Canada). For all other needs contact your Bren-Tronics Sales Representative.

Shiptimes are expected to be 7-10 days after receipt of order.  

 If you would like to place orders direct, please contact

Thank you for considering Bren-Tronics

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  1. BTA-70774 SPC Adapter, PRC-153
  2. BTA-70812 SPC Adapter, Dual BB-2557/U or BB-557/U
  3. BTA-70903 SPC Adapter, xx90 (Full Charge)
  4. BTA-70396 SPC Adapter, Dual BT-70747
  5. BTA-70810 SPC Adapter, Dual PRC-148
  6. BTA-70834 SPC Adapter, Dual BB-2590
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