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BTP-70791-AC1, X90 AC Inverter and USB Charger zoom

  • BTP-70791-AC1, X90 AC Inverter and USB Charger
  • BTP-70791-AC1 with BB-2590/U battery and devices
  • BTP-70791-AC1 with BB-2590/U battery

X90 AC Inverter and USB Charger


Charge up your USB powered devices using standard military batteries: BA-5590/U, BA-5390/U, BB-2590/U, and BB-390/Us. Charges your phone, PDAs, Cameras, Tablets, portable media players and more in same time it normally takes with any other USB option.

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  • ● Provides 120W 115VAC output from X90 style batteries.
    ● Peak power of 240W with a modified sine wave.
    ● Provides 5V at 2.1A and 5V at 1A, total of 3.1A.
    ● Each USB port negotiates with mobile device to provide up to 2.1A of output.
    ● Internal protection circuitry automatically shuts down in cases of output shorts,excessive current draw,
       and temperature overload.
    ● Incorporates an On/Off switch.
    ● Provides LED status indicator.
    ● Temperature controlled cooling fan runs only when necessary.
    ● Supports wide variatiry of devices including: Apple products (iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc...), Android products
       (Phones, Tablets, etc…), and most USB chargeable and powered devices.

Size / Weight

  • Length

    5.13 in (130 mm)

  • Width

    2.62 in (66.5 mm)

  • Height

    2.12 in (53.8 mm)

  • Weight

    0.51 lb (0.231 kg)


  • Materials / Color


  • Storage Temperature

    -22°F to 158°F (-30°C to 70°C)

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    The BTF-70791 is a battery discharger used to discharge a multi-section battery such as the BB-390B/U (BT-70790xx), BB-2590/U (BT-70791xx), or BB-2557/U (BT-70757xx). Its LED indicator communicates the battery's voltage status.

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  • BTP-70791-USB1

    NEW Improved version Just out! BTP-70791-USB 2: Go to BT-Direct front page for to read more about it. Charge up your USB powered devices even faster using standard military batteries: BA-5590/U, BA-5390/U, BB-2590/U, BB-2557 and BB-390/Us. BA-5590/U & BB-2590/U USB Charger

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    Charge up your USB powered devices using standard military batteries used on AN/PRC-148 & AN/PRC-152 handheld radios. In addition, it provides instant State of Charge and provides the ability to charge with OPTIONAL BTC-70810-1 charger.

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