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Battery Health+ Indicator (BTR-70791-2) - view of label and LED window zoom

  • Battery Health+ Indicator (BTR-70791-2) in use with BB-2590/U battery (not included)
  • Battery Health+ Indicator (BTR-70791-2) - view of label and LED window
  • Battery Health+ Indicator (BTR-70791-2) - view of connector

Battery Health+ Indicator


Instantly determine your batteries (BB-2590/U or BB-2557/U) Health Status before heading out. Easily manage your battery inventory.

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  • ● For use with BB-2590/U, BT-70791 Series.
    ● LED indication assures the user they have selected a battery that is able to provide the expected
       operational energy.
    ● SOH information quickly informs the user if the battery is capable of at least 80% of its original capacity
       and at the same time indicates through the SOC if it is charged to at least 80%.
    ● Indicates SOC ≤ 30% for air transport.
    ● Classifies healthy batteries that will perform when needed and identifies batteries that should be charged
       or discarded.
    ● Small enough to carry on missions, battery status can be readily obtained whenever needed.
    ● Time stamped, serialized battery SOH data is captured and stored with room for over 200,000 data points.
    ● Collected data is available via USB interface and can be used to identify and manage the state of your
       battery inventory.
    ● Small, ergonomic, form factor, device that requires no training.
    ● The Battery Health+ Analyzer gives you confidence that your battery is fully operational.


    LED Definition

    SOH ≥ 80%, SOC ≥ 80% Battery Available Capacity and State of Charge
    greater than or equal to 80%.
    Battery is serviceable.
    SOH ≥ 80%, SOC < 80% Battery Available Capacity greater than or equal
    to 80%. State of Charge less than 80%.
    Fully Charge battery to maximize runtime.

    SOH ≥ 80%, SOC ≤ 30% State of Charge less than or equal to 30%.
    Meets required SOC for air transportation
    (per IATA 2016 Provisions).

    SOH < 80% Battery Available Capacity less than 80%.
    Discard and replace battery.
    Read Error Battery read error. Battery faulty or
    communication error. Check connections.
    Storage Error Battery storage error.
    Contact Bren-Tronics for service support.
    NOTE: if no LED, verify the battery has some charge, connection is good, and retest.


Size / Weight

  • Length

    0.09 in (2.3 mm)

  • Width

    1.96 in (50 mm)

  • Height

    1.57 in (40 mm)

  • Weight

    0.15 lb (0.07 kg)


  • Materials / Color


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