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Brenergy™ solar power systems may be used as a stand-alone back-up alternative to loss of power at a residential home or business.  We even have power systems that may connect to a local or regional public power grid to augment current power needs. Consumer and business needs may frequently change.  Brenergy™ understands and adapts to your unique power requirements.

  • Backup Power

    Built-in energy storage keeps the lights on when the power goes out.

  • Solar Generation

    Create energy from the sun, decreasing dependence on the grid.

  • Increased Home Value

    Add value to your property through addition of solar generation.


  • Earn Tax Credits and Rebates

    State and Federal benefits may be available in your area.

  • Decrease Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Energy created by the sun is energy not created from carbon based sources.

  • Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bill

    If you generate enough of your own electricity, you no longer need to buy any.