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Rural Electrification


Thousands of communities are currently underserved by energy distribution companies in The Americas, Asia and Africa and receive unreliable or no electricity.  Nearly 860 million people are still left behind never having access to electrical power.  Nine out of ten of these people are living in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Brenergy™ off-grid solar power systems are currently distributed and supported by E-LongLife Energies Nouvelles to reach African families, associations and small businesses as a pre-paid electrical power service.  They have been successfully reaching rural and remote areas of Mali, Chad and Niger for over 5 years.

Schools, farms, hospitals and businesses are all important candidates for the availability of consistent electrical power. With today’s technology, power can be available day and night. The needs are evident.

With the necessary financial investment and support, Brenergy™ can provide the flexibility and consistency of available power to service all of these situations. 

  • Basic family comforts and conveniences

    Power for home items like refridgerators and fans.

  • Essential home lighting

    A very cost effective way to power lights.

  • Running water

    Power for pumps that bring water directly into the home.


  • Power for schools, farms, and medical clinics

    Power for lighting and medical equipment. 

  • Entrepreneurial and job opportunites

    A 24/7 power source to enable businesses to operate. 

  • Agricultural expansion

    Power to create farmable land from previously non-farmable land.