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Soldier Portable Charger, CE (SPC)

The BTC-70844 is a CE qualified versionportable battery charger designed for field or depot use. The charger is capable of charging up to 8 batteries of similar type simultaneously or with 2 priority batteries first with 6 additional batteries in queue.

  • NSN: 6130-14-533-1900

Size / Weight

  • Length

    22.8 in (579 mm)

  • Width

    14.6 in (371 mm)

  • Height

    9.0 in (229 mm)

  • Weight

    27.5 lb (12.5 kg)


  • Materials / Color

    High impact ABS/Olive Drab

  • Power Requirements

    20V-33V DC, 15A, 85-264V AC, 47 to 440 Hz, 375 VA

  • Storage Temperature

    -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to 158°F)

  • Operating Temperature

    -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)

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BTA-70903 (SPC Adapter)

BTA-70834 (J-6358B/P)

BT-70791CK (BB-2590/U)
BT-70791BK (BB-2590/U)
BT-70791A (BB-2590/U)
BT-70790 (BB-390B/U)
BT-70791E (BB-2590/U)
BT-70409 (BB-590/U)

BTA-70715 (J-6521/P) Harris Falcon (AN/PRC-152)
BTA-70810 (J-6588/P) BT-70716BE (AN/PRC-148)
BT-70716BG (AN/PRC-148)
Thales MBITR (AN/PRC-148)
BTA-70396 (J-6354/P) BT-70747 (BB-2847A/U)
BT-70747BE (BB-2847A/U)
BT-70747BG (BB-2847A/U)
BT-70747BK (BB-2847A/U)
BTA-70581A (J-6769A/P) BT-70581B (BB-2001A/U CSEL)
BTA-70807 (J-6587/P) BT-70780 (BB-2800/U)
BTA-70812 (J-6523A/P) BT-70557 (BB-557/U)
BT-70757 (BB-2557/U)
BTA-70868 (SPC Adapter) BT-70868BK (LI-145)
BT-70868BE (LI-145)
BT-70867BE (LI-80)
BT-70867BG (LI-80)
BTA-70395 (J-6356/P) BT-70787 (BB-326/U)
BT-70395 (BB-516A/U)
BTA-70774 (J-6879/P) AN/PRC-153
Motorola: NNTN7032A
BTA-70406 (SPC Adapter) BT-70406 (BB-586/U)
BTA-70406-3 (SPC Adapter) BT-70883 (BB-386/U)
BTA-70394 (J-6355/P) BT-70394 (BB-503A/U)
BTA-70811 (J-6589/P) AA Cells
BTA-70817 (SPC Adapter) D Cells
BTA-70910 (SPC Adapter) Conformal Battery
BTA-70874 (SPC Adapter) AN/PRC-154
BTA-70443 (J-6521/P) BT-70743 (BB-2600A/U)
BTA-70808 (J-6357 A/P) BT-70788 (BB-388A/U)
BT-70789 (BB-2588/U)
BTA-70492A (SPC Adapter) BT-70477 (Sophie)
BT-70492A (Sophie)
BT-70492BK (Sophie)
BTA-70589 (SPC (Adapter) BT-70480 (ALI-143)
BT-70483 (ALI-142)
BT-70493 (ALI-243)
BT-70744F (ALI-147)
BT-70748F (ALI-247)
BTA-70589A (SPC Adapter) BT-70480 (ALI-143)
BT-70483 (ALI-142)
BT-70493AA (ALI-243)
BT-70493 (ALI-243)
BT-70744F (ALI-147)
BT-70748F (ALI-247)
BTA-70706-1 (SPC Adapter)  BT-70706 (BB-2598/U)
BTA-70838-7 (SPC Adapter)

BT-70838BK (SMP)

BT-70838BE (SMP)

BT-70838BG (SMP)

BT-70838A (SMP)

BT-70838 (SMP)

BT-70838-2/3BK (SMP)

BT-70838-2/3BE (SMP)

BT-70838-2/3BG (SMP)

BT-70838-2/3A (SMP)

BT-70838-2/3 (SMP)

BT-70838-1/3BE (SMP)

BT-70838-1/3BG (SMP)

BTA-70582 (SPC Adapter) BT-70483 (ALI-142)
BTA-70582-1 (SPC Adapter) BT-70483 (ALI-142)
BTA-70721 (SPC Adapter) BT-70721 (Sagem SS)
BTA-70740 (SPC Adapter) BT-70740 (ELVIR)
BTA-70763 (SPC Adapter) BN-2250
BTA-70680 (SPC Adapter) Harris SPR
BTA-70685 (SPC Adapter) ALKABAT
BTA-70574 (SPC Adapter) ICOM SI
BTA-70851 (SPC Adapter) RACAL TRA-931
BTA-70852 (SPC Adapter) PTR-349
BTA-70853 (SPC Adapter) Loral-RT1606
BTA-70855 (SPC Adapter) ATK-XM25
BTA-70858 (SPC Adapter) DRT 4453/4411
BTA-70737 (SPC Adapter) ITT Spearhead

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