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Our military customers know they can’t fight today’s battles with yesterday’s weapons. Nor can they afford to depend on yesterday’s battery technology for today’s demanding, power-intensive equipment. Our engineers have made it their mission to look ahead at what’s next and design for the future. We pioneered the U.S. military’s first rechargeable batteries and we continue to innovate with smart chargers and batteries with onboard status displays, deep sleep power saving modes, advanced protective circuits, and more.

From design through prototyping, testing, evaluation, and manufacturing, our systems are designed, tested and built for mission-critical applications, where failure is not an option. All of our batteries and systems are:


  • Engineered for exceptional endurance and durability
  • Tested to meet or exceed all relevant DOD and ISO 9001 specifications
  • Manufactured to strict quality control standards


Custom Solutions



With Bren-Tronics you’re not limited to our existing product lines. When designing your own applications, turn to our engineers for expert support for your power needs, from design through fabrication, testing, and production.

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Put our in-house rapid prototyping capabilities to work for you as you design your own prototype applications. Our state-of-the art 3D printers turn out precision fabricated parts overnight, ready for our expert technicians to assemble into working prototypes for your evaluation.

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