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Battery Health+ Indicator (BTR-70791-2) - view of label and LED window zoom

  • Battery Health+ Indicator (BTR-70791-2) in use with BB-2590/U battery (not included)
  • Battery Health+ Indicator (BTR-70791-2) - view of label and LED window
  • Battery Health+ Indicator (BTR-70791-2) - view of connector

Battery Health+ Indicator for BB-2590/U or BB-2557/U


Instantly determine your batteries (BB-2590/U or BB-2557/U) Health Status before heading out. Easily manage your battery inventory.

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  • ● For use with BB-2590/U, BT-70791 Series.
    ● LED indication assures the user they have selected a battery that is able to provide the expected
       operational energy.
    ● SOH information quickly informs the user if the battery is capable of at least 80% of its original capacity
       and at the same time indicates through the SOC if it is charged to at least 80%.
    ● Indicates SOC ≤ 30% for air transport.
    ● Classifies healthy batteries that will perform when needed and identifies batteries that should be charged
       or discarded.
    ● Small enough to carry on missions, battery status can be readily obtained whenever needed.
    ● Time stamped, serialized battery SOH data is captured and stored with room for over 200,000 data points.
    ● Collected data is available via USB interface and can be used to identify and manage the state of your
       battery inventory.
    ● Small, ergonomic, form factor, device that requires no training.
    ● The Battery Health+ Analyzer gives you confidence that your battery is fully operational.


    LED Definition

    LED Image for SOH ≥ 80%, SOC ≥ 80%
    SOH ≥ 80%, SOC ≥ 80% Battery Available Capacity and State of Charge
    greater than or equal to 80%.
    Battery is serviceable.
    LED Image for SOH ≥ 80%, SOC < 80%
    SOH ≥ 80%, SOC < 80% Battery Available Capacity greater than or equal
    to 80%. State of Charge less than 80%.
    Fully Charge battery to maximize runtime.
    LED Image for SOH ≥ 80%, SOC ≤ 30%
    SOH ≥ 80%, SOC ≤ 30% State of Charge less than or equal to 30%.
    Meets required SOC for air transportation
    (per IATA 2016 Provisions).
    LED Image for SOH < 80%
    SOH < 80% Battery Available Capacity less than 80%.
    Discard and replace battery.
    LED Image for Read Error 
    Read Error Battery read error. Battery faulty or
    communication error. Check connections.
    LED Image for Storage Error
    Storage Error Battery storage error.
    Contact Bren-Tronics for service support.
    NOTE: if no LED, verify the battery has some charge, connection is good, and retest.

Size / Weight

  • Length

    0.09 in (2.3 mm)

  • Width

    1.96 in (50 mm)

  • Height

    1.57 in (40 mm)

  • Weight

    0.15 lb (0.07 kg)


  • Materials / Color


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