Family of Soldier Worn Batteries

Product Spotlight: Options for Soldier Worn Batteries

At Bren-Tronics, we strive to keep up with industry trends to best power the equipment that our nation’s Warfighters rely on. New technology almost always requires greater power needs and increased energy demand, as well as more compact power solutions. One of the recent demands has been for wearable battery technology, powerful solutions in relatively lightweight and compact packages that soldiers can safely carry and wear. 

In order to modernize our nation’s Warfighters, Bren-Tronics has developed several batteries and kits that are wearable and reliable. The three products highlighted in this article are two different types of soldier worn batteries that allow our Warfighters to maintain a tactical advantage. In addition, we have also created dedicated charging solutions for each of these batteries, as well as other useful accessories.

Wearable Power

As Warfighters continue to add wearable computers, sensors, and communication devices to their basic kit, the need for a wearable, centralized battery solution continues to grow.  The following are solutions that are being adopted around the globe by US and partner nations’ fighting forces.  Gone are the days of each device having its own battery.  

Bren-Tronics designs and manufactures a variety of batteries that fit this need as well as a line of charging solutions and other accessories to support these batteries.

Conformal Wearable Battery (CWB)

The CWB is designed to be a thin, lightweight, and flexible battery that molds to the shape of ballistic plates.  Bren-Tronics’ CWB (BT-70910CZ) is designed to meet the military standards specified in MIL-PRF-32383 and is manufactured to the quality and reliability that our Warfighters require.  It has a digital display and a tactile push-button switch for easy use, making it not only wearable but also user-friendly. 

NETT+ Battery

The NETT+ Battery (BT-70909) is a modular, scalable battery for military applications. This wearable and rechargeable Li-ion battery is comparable to the size of a magazine and compliant with SMBus. It has a variety of accessories including docking stations, chassis, and simple connectors for easy integration and swapability. The NETT+ Battery has applications throughout military use and equipment, from Soldier Modernization Programs to robotics to radio communications and more. 

SMP Battery Series

Our SMP Battery series (BT-70838) is part of a larger effort to modernize our Warfighters, allowing them to maintain the tactical advantage. These products offer a powerful, small package that is lightweight and easy to carry or wear. The series features three sizes, all of which offer the same features–a state of charge indicator, compliance with SMBus v1.1 and SBData v1.1, and easy interchangeability if a different size is needed. The SMP Battery is excellent for powering light weight robotics, UAV ground stations, radio communications, and many other types of military equipment.

LI-80/LI-145 Batteries

These batteries are not now, but are gaining traction in the wearable battery space.  The battery was born from the Ground Soldier Ensemble program years ago and upgrades in cell technology and use of a common military connector has made this battery a powerful solution for modern Soldier worn kits.  Another benefit of this battery design is the robust portfolio of charging solutions that already exists.

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