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  1. Trade Shows 2023

    Trade Shows 2023

    Bren-Tronics to attend several trade shows in 2023

    Members of the Bren-Tronics team will be attending several trade shows throughout 2023, across the United States and Europe. We are happy to connect with you at any of the events listed on the schedule below to talk about the services and products that could best serve your needs. For more information about the events that we’ll be attending, see the schedule below. 

    2023 Trade Show Attendance Schedule



    April 19-20 in Modi,

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  2. Bren-Tronics Celebrates 50 Years

    Celebrating 50 years of Innovation

    This year, Bren-Tronics, Inc. celebrates 50 years of a rich history in innovation. From our founding in 1973 by Leo Brenna, all the way to the present day, we have grown into a leading supplier across the globe of reliable power solutions.

    The early years

    Bren-Tronics was founded in 1973 by Leo Brenna, a Vietnam-era veteran of the United States Army. Leo set out to produce batteries that would deliver reliable power to both military and industrial applications–places where failure wasn’t an option. He began by developing one-time use batteries, such as the BA-279 and BA-270, as well as the ‘lipstick’ battery used in survival beacons, which we still produce today. 

    As the company continued to grow, Leo saw a need for rechargeable batteries for military radios, and shifted the focus from one-time use products to rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries in the 1980s. In the 1990s, our technology evolved

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  3. Bren-Tronics Website New Look & Feel

    Bren-Tronics website has an updated look and feel.

    100% dedicated to our customers

    • New - Can request quotes for all your solution items and quantities by putting into "Quote Cart"
    • Still - Can order direct online domestically for noted products by putting into "Shopping Cart"
    • Still - Can access and download product information

    Overview for New Site

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