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Power, Interconnect and Other Cables

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  1. BTA-70863-24 6 Pack Input Cable, 24V Ring Lugs
  2. BTA-70769 Cable, xx90 to Cigarette Lighter
  3. BTA-70864-2 6 Pack Input Cable, AC w/US Plug
  4. BTA-70791A-1B 6-Pack Output Cable, 24V Bayonet
  5. BTA-70942-1|BTA-70942-2|BTA-70942-3|BTA-70942-4S xx90 Cable, Sealed Low Profile
  6. BTA-70797 Cable, Y-Junction Trailer Hitch
  7. 590233-3 SPC Input Cable, AC, Euro Plug
  8. BTA-70762-2 Cable, xx90 Power w/SMBus, Right
  9. BTA-70834-3 xx90 Adapter Cable, OEM
  10. BTA-70413 BTA-70413
  11. BTA-70100-DC24-3 ABC Input Cable, 24VDC, Ring Lugs
  12. BTA-70835-2 SPC Input Cable, NATO
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