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Providing Expeditionary Batteries for 4+ Decades

Bren-Tronics has over four decades of providing reliable batteries powering your critical devices.  

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  1. BT-70757BV BB-2557/U, 99 Wh
  2. BT-70791JP BB-2590/U, 216 Wh, Ultra-Low Temp
  3. BT-70838-2/3CV High Capacity 2/3 SMP
  4. BT-70939AP Brenergy™ 6T Battery Series
  5. BT-70581CE CSEL
  6. BT-70791CK BB-2590/U, 225 Wh
  7. BT-70791JV BB-2590/U, 298 Wh
  8. BT-70909AV NETT+ Battery
  9. BT-70838-2/3BG Upgraded to BT-70838-2/3CV
  10. BT-70757BE BB-2557/U, 84 Wh
  11. BT-70737 Spearhead, Spearnet
  12. BT-70838BG Upgraded to BT-70838CV
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