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Enhance your Mission with Adapters and Peripherals

When you need add-ons to your existing tactical equipment, Bren-tronics has you covered

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  1. BTK-70791-AC2 BB-2590/U 120V AC Inverter and Battery Charger Kit
  2. BTA-70812 SPC Adapter, Dual BB-2557/U or BB-557/U
  3. BTA-70843 VMC Combo Adapter, BB-2557 and BB-2600
  4. BTR-70791-2 Battery Health+ Meter
  5. BTA-70100-1A ABC Adapter 2590 Full Charge
  6. BTA-70762-4 Cable, xx90 Power w/SMBus, Shielded
  7. BTA-70762-1 Cable, xx90 Power w/SMBus
  8. BTA-70781A Cable, Isolated Pass Thru, Daisy Chain
  9. BTA-70782 Solar Adapter for BB-2590
  10. BTA-70834-3 xx90 Adapter Cable, OEM
  11. BTK-390/2590 XX90 Connector, Unassembled OEM Kit
  12. BTA-70100-1 ABC Adapter 2590
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