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DoD’s trusted supplier of rechargeable batteries for over 18 years we have delivered over a million rechargeable batteries many of which are still working for the warfighter well past their 5 year predicted life span. Standards Bren-Tronics have set for DOD are what industry follows today. Our current line of rechargeables is more robust than the standards call for. The BB-2590 has proven 750+ charge/discharge cycle capability gives you power where you need it, when you need it.

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  1. BT-70409 BB-590/U
  2. BT-70410 TOW BB-287
  3. BT-70480BK ALI-143
  4. BT-70480BK-S ALI-143
  5. BT-70483 ALI-142
  6. BT-70492A Sophie - Upgraded to BT-70492BK
  7. BT-70492BK Sophie
  8. BT-70493BK ALI-243
  9. BT-70493BK-S ALI-243 (Tan)
  10. BT-70557 BB-557/U
  11. BT-70581CE CSEL
  12. BT-70651CE ALI-142
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